Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm obviously doing my full year's worth of blogging tonight...

I'm quite bored, it's 4am, I'm not sleepy yet, and I don't actually have to be awake at any particular time, and I know it excited me when people responded to my blogroll suggestion, so I'm going to make more of an effort to respond to the blogroll suggestions of other forumers.

And, on that note, here are the things I hope to accomplish in 2009, as suggested by the lovely Tabris:

1. Blog (yeah, right)
2. Get off my butt and get a substitute teacher #, so I can start working
3. Get an actual real teaching job in my own classroom
4. Not kill/maim/or traumatize for life any of my students ;)
5. Get a drivers license (which actually should be around #2 or 3)
6. Either convince Alex to get off his butt and propose, or just declare myself engaged ;)
7. Be more social, outside of my thriving internet life
8. Grow a new plant, perhaps a small vegetable?
9. Road trip! Down to Texas via New Orleans, and maybe a quick stroll to Mexico while we're there!
10. Make a quilt.

Obviously, I have high hopes and goals for this year!

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