Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time warp!

This week's Blog Tour question is "If you could live in any time period, which one would it be? And why?"

This was an easy one for me, which helps to explain why I'm actually doing it for once :) It helps that it's a very common "getting to know you" question in my classes! If the De Lorean showed up on my doorstep tomorrow, I would travel back to the 1920's.

There are so many interesting time periods that are worth visiting, but they all seem to pale in comparison. There's something so lively about the roaring 20's (hence the nickname, right?). The music, the clothes, the romance, the stimulation, the overwhelming and exciting changes society was going through at the time.... How could I resist?

In addition to that (which is enough of an argument in favor of the 20's for me!), there's also the appeal of a simpler kind of life (when I'm not out dancing in shockingly short skirts that show my ankles, that is!). If I bother to sit down and think about it, of course, there's no way I'd ever ever ever give up my modern conveniences. But the fantasy of it, of getting down to more basic things in life, making food with my own hands (instead of out of the Pasta-roni box), not relying on the television for constant company, not stressing over finding the best deal on internet and cable and a cell phone, is very appealing. And yet, in the 20's, it wasn't soooo simple that you didn't have some modern comforts (like toilets). It seems like a perfect balance, and a great place to travel during my escapist fantasies.

And plus, I look great with short hair :D

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Deb said...

What a fun idea for a blog post...I may try it.

I love the idea of living in the '20's. It's really an interesting time. I'd go to Hollywood and get in on the ground floor of the movie/real estate industry...