Friday, June 13, 2008


In honor of it being the last day of finals, and also because it's the topic of the week for this blog tour thingy, I'm going to babble on about summer. I shall use my powers of selective memory to ignore the summer class I have to start in July....

What am I looking forward to? That's a good question. Sleep. That's number 1. Time off, closely tied with Sleep. It's looking to be a good summer outside of the apartment, too. My mom and a couple friends rented a cabin in Beverly Shores, Indiana, so Alex and I should be spending a few days to a week there. My brother and sister in law might be joining us, too. The only downside is that my mom will be there, but I think she's finally realized that I will need to do my own thing sometimes if I go on vacation with her, because I can only take so much.

Alex's birthday is coming up, too! Of course, it just happens to fall on the same day as the Pride Parade, which means that I'm gonna have to either convince him to go to the parade on his birthday, or miss it :( I blame his mother, she should have had him on the 30th ;) I don't know what we're really doing yet, he keeps changing his mind. He's like a 7 year old, one day he wants to go to Six Flags, the next day he wants to do something in the city, the next day he wants to get together with friends, or go to the zoo, and I keep telling him that we can do more than one thing, on more than one day! Right about now the new water park at Six Flags is sounding good, though. It's hot in Chicago!

I'm also hoping to learn to drive this summer, since I'm student teaching in fall, and it'll be hard to do with no car. My brother's had his license for a year now, so he can legally teach me, which is great, because it's either that or my mother.

I just noticed this thing is autosaving my draft as I type. Cool :)

That's all I can think of that I'm doing this summer, but after such a busy quarter, that's enough!

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